This is THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA

The barbarians built this wall to ward off invasion of the Celestial Empire.It is about 3,700 miles(6,000kilometers)long,It's thikness is 4.5 to 9.0meters(15 to 30feet),and it is up to 7.5 meters(25feet) big.It was built during 722B.C. and went all the way up to 300B.C.First the GREAT WALL OF CHINA was built from earth,stone and wood.Then it was made out of bricks.



                                                                 This is the SHANGHAI LANDMARK 

The shanghai landmark was built in AD 751.Shanghai town built it.It was used for foreigners to enjoy lamenting in china.They couldn't measure it because that meant demolishing and rebuilding it and they couldn't do that.And it was made of concrete and plastic.




                                                              This is the forbiden city

It was built between 1406 and 1420 during the ming dynasty.It had been the imperial home of 24 emperors of the ming(1368-1644) and ming (1644-1911) dynasties.It was used as a the number 1 tourist attraction in china.It it 961 meters long and 753 meters wide and it's area is about 720,000m2.There are about 9,000 rooms in it.And it is made of bricks.



                                                          This is the china pavilion                                                                       

                      The china pavilion was built in 1753.Tsang Yiu Keung  built it.It was used to represent the spirit of the people in china.It was about 63 meters.And it was made of doungons and brackets.                                           



                                                And This is the monument to the people's heroes.

It was built in the 1900s.The municipal government built it.It was used to commemorate revolutionary martyrs as well as those who lost their lives fighting natural diseases.It is 24 meters tall.And it is a concrete  structure.