Liscio Hair Straightening

Find out about Liscio Hair Straightening Techniques


Most of us know how Japanese are amazing about their own hair styling treatment, and liscio hair thinning is among the most revolutionary tactics to take care of and design your hair with just 6 measures to do, we’ll see how simple it’s now.


Measure 1: consultation


The Style have to understand three things before he or she begins: the customer wanted hairstyle, compound history and the way they style their own hair generally, as this assists deciding which service is the most appropriate for the customer


Measure 2: damage test


If your hair has not been treated by color then nigelle ER shampoo is used, however in the event you formerly did color therapy inphenom shampoo is employed in this circumstance. Then as soon as the hair is wet we do the initial knot evaluation to check hair standing, following the evaluation if your hair isn’t healthy enough, moderate remedy is better to utilize, but when the hair does not absorb water in all it is essential to utilize powerful remedy.


Measure 3: including zero osmosis


On every segment from nape to crown you’ll have to employ the zero osmosis then overlapping the line of demarcation by ¼ then employing the straightener without touching the scalp, you may do exactly the exact same towards the surface and left and right sides also to the hair.


Measure 4: time & warmth control


You’ll have to take your time but not publicly to always use the liscio hair straightening treatment from the most secure part to the fragile. Additionally, if it’s necessary, you may use heat to accelerate the procedure in the chosen areas


Measure 5: procedure check


Wipe off the remedy and then make the test again, and assess whether it’s prepared or not, and you’ll learn as soon as you find a crease mark in which the hairs are bent, then wash the hair for approximately 5 minutes and now it is the opportunity to perform a hair tub, a sink is full of warm sparkling water after which the hair is soaked in it, we do so a few times till we see the bubbles coming up from hair follicles, and be sure to properly squeeze the hair interior of the water, and after we see how the water is clean then it’s completed.

Measure 6: final touches


Now after the hair tub we utilize cheto aqua to earn the hair shiny and brighter and then we utilize the iron in temperatures 368 Fahrenheit to perform the last touch, then eventually employing the neutralizer for only 5 minutes and then wash your hair very well and then we’re done!




  • For retouch customers make curls to the pre-straightened segment or bend the ends to reveal your customer styling choices.


  • Blow dry shortly after shampooing to deliver out more glow.


  • Recommend in-salon treatment to keep glistening hair; linkage meu for smoothness and in Phenom to get bounciness.