The activation of Roku using is quite simple. If you are looking for the activation procedure then have a read on the following article..!!




  • Roku is one of the leading streaming devices that provides users with both free and paid video content.

  • All the Roku devices support 1080p HD video.

  • The streaming player comes with remote control.

  • All the Roku devices support wireless connection.




  • The setting up and activation of Roku requires firm internet connectivity.

  • Check whether the signal strength of your network is strong.

  • Then collect the necessary cables for the setup.

  • Make sure that you are using the latest Roku streaming device to enjoy the updated features of the Roku player.

  • Then perform the hardware setup of your Roku.

  • Nextly, connect your Roku to your network.

  • Now, login to your Roku account.

  • In the My Account page, choose link a device option.

  • Once the connection to the internet is done, it will ask to update.

  • After you update, it will reboot.

  • When the rebooting is done successfully, code will appear on the TV screen.

  • Enter the activation code on

  • Finally, click submit.

  • Now it will redirect you to enter the payment information

  • Finally, click continue option.





  • If you do not get the activation code on your TV screen, get a new code once again. 

  • If you see the error code 001, it means that your Roku is not in connection with your network. You will have to connect your player to the internet again.

  • Likewise, there are possibilities of getting different error codes. All you need to do is check your settings, according to the error code you get.


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