What are we learning about in math?

Students are learning how to find the answer to a number sentence that has an unknown varriable.

What Georgia Performance Standard are we covering in math?

M4A1 Students will represent and interpret mathematical relationships in quantitative expressions.
a.  Understand and apply patterns and rules to describe relationships and solve problems.
b.   Represent unknowns using symbols, such as  and ?.
c.   Write and evaluate mathematical expressions using symbols and different values.


We have a time of math instruction each day and then we have math center time each day.  Students are grouped into center groups.  Each group member has a letter.  Each week, we have five centers.  Students are expected to complete one center each day unless they are absent or working with the teacher.  Each center has enough supplies for each member.  Each set of supplies are labeled with a letter.  Students will only use the materials that are labeled with their letter.  Students are expected to write the problem and the answer.  Center work will be turned in each week for a grade.

Math Homework:

We do have math homework often.  Most math homework comes from the math workbook.  The purpose of the homework is to allow students to practice the skills they are learning in class.  Students are expected to write these assignments in their agendas. 



Math Games Websites: