Ms. Kurz's Classroom


 Aren't the kittens cute! 

Surprised Kitten is our featured video of the week!  

*I apologize for the inconvenience.  I could not upload the video at this time.* 

  This week, we will be discussing zoo animals.  The students will be using resources such as the computer and the books in the classroom.  Make sure that I know which animal you want to do and we will take turns presenting them in class!



giant pandas in the snow This an example of a what a zoo animal should be.  Look at how cute the Panda Bears are!

 Looking ahead for the next week:

Monday: Show and Tell!  Bring your favorite clothing item!

Tuesday: Start research on zoo animal!

Wednesday: Break out the arts and crafts!  We are going to be coloring animal pictures today!

Thursday:  Bring in your favorite snack!  Also, we will be making special treats!

Friday: Presenting what you found on your animal!