Honors Earth/Environmental Science

Didn't like the grade on your oil spill lab? To get more points, research and write a minimum 1000 word paper comparing and contrasting the Exxon Valdez oil spill and the BP oil spill. Please be specific! You MUST cite your information! If you are quoting someone or summarizing someone else's work you MUST cite them within thet paper. You will also need to turn in a Reference page in MLA format.     DUE Friday, September 17, 2010.


What are we going to do this week?

Monday 9/13

  • Open Note Quiz
  • Discuss Honors Project
  • Video: The Inconvenient Truth
  • Homework: Read & take notes on the rest of Chapter 2

Tuesday 9/14

  • Notes -- Chapter 2
  • Video: The Inconvenient Truth
  • Homework: Ch. 2 Review Questions #1-8 (complete sentences UNLESS it says to LIST or DEFINE something)

Wednesday 9/15