Depending on your level, I will prescribe music! Pay special attention and do not jump ahead.

 1. All for strings 1 by Frost (The level between All for strings 1 and 2 and 3 are hugely different, I will not have a student who is not ready to play book 2 play book 2.)

2. Scales (This will vary, some students will play it out of their method book like All for strings, others will play it out of more advanced method/exercise books, like Laureaux, etc.)

3. Songs such as ones from Suzuki method books or specially assigned ones that we select together

4. Spare strings, rosin, shoulder rest, wiping cloth, polish and polishing cloth

5. Misc. stuff: Metronome, Chromatic Tuner, Tuning Fork, Pitch Pipe, Piano, other knicknacks found at the music store or made at home :)

6. Sweater for a cold day (no coats)

7. Clothing that allows for freedom and comfort when playing