My Teaching - My Teaching Principles

PhotobucketThese are what I keep in my mind when planning a lesson.


·        Clear structure and instruction

The best way of engaging students on track is having a clear structure and instruction.  Especially when teaching a big class, I try to make a lesson plan clearly structured and easy to follow.


·        Scaffolding

In order to make learning as achievable as possible, I prepare a small step so that students can learn step by step.


·        Motivating

If students are motivated, they will engage the learning and learn well.  As factors which can motivate students vary one student from another, I investigate students’ preference and keep trying various things.


·        Interactive

Interactive teaching is crucial in language learning not only because it enhances students’ learning but also language is a communication tool.


·        Fun and interesting

It is important to motivate students.  Also, I believe learning a language should be fun and interesting.


·        Language plus contexts

When learning language, studying only grammatical rules and language structure is not enough.  Students need to know when and how the language is used.


·        Language plus culture

I believe language and culture reflect one another, so I need to teach Japanese culture in order to teach Japanese language.  I am quite familiar with Japanese traditional culture as well as sub culture (pop culture), and how they connect to Japanese language.  Students can also think about their own culture through learning Japanese culture.


·        Authentic

I try to employ many authentic materials to present how things students are studying connect to a real world.  Also, some research has revealed students will be motivated by authentic materials.  




PhotobucketThese are what I keep in my mind when teaching.


·        Clear and simple

Language is complicated and sometimes unclear, but I try to teach in a clear and simple way, especially with younger students. 


·        Encourage students

Students need a lot of encouragement to produce foreign language.  I try to make a comfortable environment by encouraging them. 


      ·        Target language use

I use Japanese quite often for greeting, encouragement, and some instructions.  This Japanese should be comprehensible for students.




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