Behaviour Management

I must say my experience about behaviour management is not a lot; however, in my practical teaching and university course, I mainly focused on behaviour management and learnt a lot of strategies.  At university, I learnt the principles of behaviour management and I applied what I learnt in the practical teaching.  Fortunately, my supervising teacher told me many techniques for behaviour management including positive and negative consequences, classroom rules, and seating plan.


I believe the important point of behaviour management is developing a good relationship between students and a teacher, and among students.  A good relationship, in which students and teachers respect each other, will create a comfortable environment to learn.  When I teach, wherever there are, I make efforts to know students and get to know each other so that I can build a good relationship with them.


Through teaching a big class with younger students, I found that they are likely to get off track when they are not sure what they are supposed to do.  I found it quite effective to tell students what I expect them to do.  Similarly, having a clear structure in the lesson is crucial.  Sometimes I wrote what they are going to do on the board, so that students can see where they are heading to.


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