2. Grammar class

  • Year 12
  • Topic: Living in Japan – grammar point ‘nara’ (If / If it is true that)
  • In previous classes, students learnt the form of this grammar point

 Teaching sequence

  1. Review grammar point “nara

Ask students form and meaning of this grammar


  1. Matching task

Divide students into groups of 2-3

Students match two sentences and make one complete sentence using ‘nara


  1. Practise dialogue

a. Introduce a short dialogue

A: irasshai mase (May I help you?)

B:  sumimasen, ...o sagashite irundesuga (Excuse me, I'm looking for...)

A:  ...nara, ...(If you are looking for..., it's best to...)

                      (This sentence can be found in the sentences they made in the previous matching task)

b. Ask them where this dialogue is held, who is A, B

c. In pairs, students will be a real estate manager and customer and  

    practise the dialogue

d. Each pair demonstrate their dialogue


Students became familiar with the form of this grammar.  I employed a matching task because I wanted to focus on the meaning.  In the dialogue, students could see how this grammar is used in a real life situation and the meaning was reinforced.  Ideally, I want to present another context and get them to choose this grammar point according to the situation.  Yet I could not get it done due to the time.


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