4. Creating a picture book

Students had an assignment which requires them to create a picture book using plain form.  This lesson aimed at giving an idea for their assignment with developing steps.  In this class, there was a clear gap between students who have difficulties and students who perform really well.  Therefore, I was looking for a task which has a flexibility to satisfy both levels of students. 

I prepared a worksheet (Small Picture Book) and a Picture book with only pictures.  Students first did the worksheet and then made a picture book.  When they made a picture book, they could use the sentences from the worksheet (just needed to change the order to fit the pictures).  However, I told students who have a higher ability that they can create a completely different story. 

Students enjoyed this class and made fantastic picture books.  Yet it needed to be arranged according to the students.

 Photobucket          Photobucket

picture book worksheet                                                                                   after folding                                    





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