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Mr. Edinger's 9th Grade Eurpoean History Class


Mr. Edinger's 9th Grade European History Class

October: Italian and German Unifications

We will be studying what happened, how they happened and what the ramifications of the unification in both Italy and Germany had for European History in General. In addition to our Reading you may want to check out these additional links for further information and Enjoyment!    (this page is in French - but the images are worth a look)

please remember that pages on Wikipeadia are generally good, but they don't always represent the real facts about what happened. They are a great starting point however.

Below is our schedule for October and the reading assignment for each night's homework. Be sure to answer the questions at the end of each of the readings listed. This will consitute your homework assignment each evening. Please remember too, per last month, the morning bellringer quiz will cover the previous night's reading.

October's Schedule



Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
1 Oct Italian Uni (IU)Chap 1 pp. 202-205 2 Oct IU Chap 1 208-212 3 Oct IU pp. 213-216 4 Oct IU 230-240

5 Oct

IU pp 220-225

8 Oct I U pp 250-255 9 Oct IU pp. 261-266 10 Oct IU 270-275 11 Oct IU 276-280

12 Oct


Test on IU


15 Oct German Unification (GU)

Chap 2 - pp. 290-298

16 Oct GU

pp. 300-307

17 Oct GU

pp. 308-312

18 Oct GU pp. 313-319

19 Oct GU pp. 330-335    

22 Oct GU

pp. 345-354

23 Oct GU

pp. 355-360

24 Oct pp 361- 365

25 Oct GU

pp 370-378

26 Oct GU

pp. 379-385 Test on GU


Our Class Field Trip to the German History (Deutche Geschichte) Museum

Don’t Forget the Class field trip to the Deutsch Geschichte Museum on 9  November

Parental Volunteers needed as Chaperones, please call 030-123-4567 to sign up!

Thinking and Writing -

Critical thinking and learning skills:

A students need to be able to express their ideas and thought s in writing. The common way we learn to do this is through expository writing.  The typical essay I want all of you to master is to first set out the theme of your essay. This is usually done with an introduction, then formulate two three arguments or facts in separate paragraphs that support your thesis and then finish with a conclusion which pulls your thoughts together and establishes that you have mastered your argument.

Class milestones


Upcoming Birthday Milestones:

23 Oct – Steve G’s

3 Nov – Kai B’s

8 Nov – Gabbi N’s

20 Nov – Moni K’s  


1 Nov  - All Saints Holiday – No School

29 Nov – Thanksgiving Holiday – No school



There are a variety of ways you can get involved in school activities from mentoring to helping out in the front office and we would welcome your support and participation – please contact our school volunteer coordinator at 030-123-9999 for more information and to sign up!



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