Information Technology in Support of Student Centered Learning

Traditional Classroom

Usually  arranged with neat columns and rows of student chairs, while the teacher stands in front of the classroom or sits behind his desk. Noticeably, after spending  so many times in lesson presentation and class management , students can get restless and fidgety. To prevent this situation, another option is now presented and this is adopting the idea of developing students to be independent learners with the end of making them critical and creative thinkers.


The SCL Classroom

John Dewey describe traditional learning as a process in which the teacher pours information to the learners. This approach is generally known as Direct Instruction.

The traditional classroom and direct instruction approach to learning conform to unprogressive countries. While industrialized countries find knowledge through information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Desiring to gain effectiveness, efficiency and economy in administration and instruction, schools in these developed economies have now become active not passive learners, who can interact with other learner, demonstrating independence and self-awareness in the learning process.