Say it 2 ways: A Language Arts Lesson Plan

Title:  Say it 2 ways: A Language Arts Lesson for students to learn the Cree names of colors

Subject: Language Arts

Lesson Topic: Learning the Cree names of 8 colors


Essential Understandings 1: There is great diversity among the 12 tribal nations of Montana in their languages, cultures, histories and governments. Each nation has a distinct nd unique cultural heritage that contributes to modern Montana.

Essential Understanding 2: There is great diversity among individual American Indians as identity is developed by many entities, organizations, and people. There is a continuum of Indian identity ranging from assimilated to traditional and is unique to each individual. There is no generic American Indian.

Skill Sets:


Students will:

4.3 Read and provide oral, written, and/or artistic responses to diverse perspectives, cultures, and issues in traditional and contemporary literature.


Students will:

1.1   Recognize the important role of speaking and listening in daily life.

1.2   Identify oneself in various roles in the communication process and recognize the shared communication responsibilities of the speaker and the listener.

2.1 Recognize the techniques of listening in a variety of situations (e.g. Focusing attention, reflecting, interpreting, analyzing)

2.2 Demonstrate appropriate speaking and listening behaviors in communicating with peers and others.

4.3 Show respect for the feelings and values of others when speaking and listening.

Grade & Learner Profile: 3rd Grade

Differentiation: For exceptional learner I would adapt this lesson by allowing them to find fewer items and give them fewer colors to identify. I would adapt this lesson to gifted and talented students by asking them to find more items and give them more colors to identify.

Objectives: I want my students to know that each tribe is distinct and unique and that their language is just one of these aspects. I want to convey to them that the meaning behind the language (in this case, colors) is the same as it is in the English language.

Materials Needed:

-Each student needs a readymade book with the spelling of the colors in the Cree and English language and a sample of the color with enough room on each page for the students to glue their cut out magazine pictures on.

- Glue

- Magazines that can be used to cut pictures from

- Scissors


- Colored pencils


- The website is a very helpful website which has vocabulary exercises that uses audio to say the words. ( I am using Plains Cree Inanimate colours)

Instructional Sequences:  Read through the readymade coloring book aloud to the students, letting them hear the different language as you name the colors. Then start at the beginning and discuss each color. Let the students know that they will be finding things from the magazine to cut out and glue into their coloring book   that match the colors being described.

Assessment: As a class we will pronounce each word in the Cree language, and then they will each be given as assessment form that they will need to match the Cree words to the English translation.

Reflection: I have not yet taught this lesson.

Asihtawaw      Green 

Osawaw     Yellow

Wapiskaw     White

Kaskaphtiwinawan     Grey

Mihkwaw     Red

Kasitiwaw     Black

Wapikwaniwinakwan     Pink

Sipihkwaw     Blue