Quicken Support

To help with investigating, Quicken keeps isolate log records of your online movement. The essential log documents are: 

CONNLOG: Contains a background marked by the associations you make to servers. 

ConnOLD: Contains more established associations than the Connlog, which moves over to the OLD log when a specific measure of log information is come to. 

OFXLOG: Contains more nitty-gritty data than CONNLOG, including exchanges and other record data you download into Quicken. 

OFX Log (Old): Contains more established download information than the Current OFX Log. NOTE: the OFX Viewer is utilized to catch both the OFX Current and Old logs by utilizing the View drop-down menu at the base of the Viewer. Each log, present and Old, should be spared independently, with OLD being added to the Save As record name when you spare the log. 

Client Central Errors: Contains a past filled with blunder messages you've encountered in Quicken. 

Revive Support may ask for these log documents to investigate Online Banking mistake messages or missing exchanges. 

To make it less demanding for you to send these logs, we prescribe that you make another organizer on your work area called (your last name) Logs and sparing the log records in this new envelope. 

After the majority of the logs are spared, you would then be able to right-click that (your last name) Logs organizer and pick Send To...Compressed (compressed) Folder (Windows) or control-click and select Compress Folder (Mac). This will permit you to send every one of the logs without a moment's delay to help. 

Animate for Windows: Collect and spare your log records 

In Quicken, go to Help at that point select Log records. 

With the log document open, spare a duplicate of this record on your Desktop by clicking Save As > Save. 

Enliven for Mac: Collect and spare your log documents 

In Quicken, go to Help at that point select Show sign in discoverer. 

Drag the log records to the new envelope in your work area.


If you need more assistance then contact Quicken Support or Quicken Support Phone Number.