Each week we will receive a vocabulary list.  Test will be given on Friday.  The words will need to be used in context.  I will put the vocabulary words and definitions on each week.



The Whipping Boy #1

Week of August 21 - August 25

IMPORTANT:  Please start studying because you will be responsible for knowing all words listed below.


1. contrite - full of guilt or regret; remorseful


2. cuff - to strike with the open hand; beat


3. gallows - execution by hanging


4. humble - conscious of one’s failings


5. defiantly - resistance or bold opposition, as to authority; challenging


6. spectacles - glasses


7. clasp - to seize or grab


8. bellow - a deep loud roar


9. gloat - to brag


10. rascal - a mischievous person


11. insolent - boldly rude; insulting


12. exasperation - to be extremely irritated or annoyed

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