Homework Happenings

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     You will be required to read AR books on your reading level for 30 minutes for 5 out of 7 days each week. The book(s) you read will be recorded on a reading log sheet. This reading log will be checked weekly and graded.  You will also need to take the AR quiz for the book(s) once you have completed the reading.  You will be expected to earn at least 10 AR points each nine week period.  This means you will need to earn approximately 1.5 points per week.  In order for the points to count, you will need to make at least an 80% on the AR quiz. So please read carefully. The reading homework grade will be determined by the number of points you earn.  If you earn all 10 points then you will make a 100 for your reading homework grade.  If however, you do not earn ten points, your grade will be determined by the number of points you did earn and multiplied times 10.  For example, if you earn 4 points for the nine weeks those 4 points will be multiplied by 10 earning you a reading homework grade of 40.

Reading Log Laughing 

Your reading log is very important.  You may record the titles of any books you read, but it is a crucial piece of information when you take your quizzes on AR books.  Having the titles written down saves you from having to remember the name of a book when you are ready to take the quiz. It also allows you to record the score you make on the quizzes. If you are scoring below 80% on your quizzes then that probably means you didn’t read the book carefully or the book is too hard.  That’s why it is important to always be reading books that are on your level. 


Now that you are in third grade most of your reading will be in chapter books.  Therefore, I will be looking to see that you are reading at least one chapter book each week.  If you are reading nonfiction picture books, I will expect you to read two of these per week. So when I check your Reading Log, I should see one to two entries per week. There is a place on the log for you to record whether the book is fiction, nonfiction or poetry.


Your log will be checked monthly and will be graded according to the following scale:


S=Satisfactory (2 chapter books or 4 nonfiction books recorded for the month)

N=Needs improvement (1 chapter book or 2 non fiction books recorded for the month)

U=Unsatisfactory (1 or no entries for the month)

Pirate’s Reading Log Name_______________


TitleAR Test ScoreGenre*Captain’s Comments
*Genre: F=Fiction        NF=Nonfiction    B=Biography        P=Poetry

Cursive Handwriting

Each week you will be instructed in the writing of 5 cursive letters.  The letters will not be taught in ABC order, but by the way the letter is formed. You will practice writing these letters at home throughout the week using your handwriting workbook. It is recommended that you practice one letter daily.  The handwriting workbooks will be checked weekly and graded.


Your spelling and vocabulary instruction will be based on a book called Words Their Way. You will be given a simple spelling test at the beginning of the school year to determine your knowledge of spelling.  Then you will be assigned a weekly set of words to study.  Some of the words may seem simple, but the purpose of learning them is to understand why the word is spelled that way and not just to memorize a set of words.  You will be instructed in sorting the words according to a spelling pattern. Each day you will practice studying the words in a different way. .

MondayLearn the sort, practice. Remember to say the words out loud as you sort

Tuesday: Speed sort    See how quickly you can sort the words correctly. Read aloud as you sort them.

WednesdayWord hunt  Using a book you are currently reading, search for words that have the same spelling pattern as you are studying.

Thursday: Practice Test  Have an adult call out the words to you in random order. Write the words down and sort them into the correct spelling pattern category. Have the adult check your work. Make any corrections necessary.

Friday: Test You will spell the words and sort them into the proper category.

Treasure map grpahicYou will be making a spelling/vocabulary notebook from the words you study. In this notebook you will write words or draw pictures to help you learn the meaning and the use of your spelling words. You will also write the words that you found in your weekly Word Hunt.  At the end of the week you will glue the words you have studied into the notebook as you have sorted them throughout the week. The notebook will then become your personal dictionary to use during writing assignments. You will need to make sure that the words you have studied are spelled correctly in your daily writing assignments. This notebook will be checked monthly and graded.