Pirate Laws and Consequences



Pirate Laws

1.  Listen to the captain's directions when she is talking.

2.  Follow the captain's directions the first time.

3. Come prepared for your daily voyage.

Assignments completed on time.

Materials and supplies on hand.

Appropriate clothing for the conditions.

4.  Show respect towards the captain, the crew, your crewmates and the "ship."

Teachers, staff, classmates and the school.

5. Use appropriate language and manners.

6. Keep your hands, your feet and all objects to yourself.

7. Participate willingly and with your best effort. 

Prize ribbon graphic


As a member of the ship’s crew you will be rewarded for your good behavior and being responsible.  Each crew member is assigned 5 cards: green, yellow, blue, purple and red.


Everyone will begin the day on “green.”

 Smelly Stamp 

You will receive a “Super Smelly” smiley face stamp in your Assignment Book if you remain on ‘green or yellow’ for the entire school day. You will get to have lunch with the captain for being on ‘green’ for one month. The luncheon will take place on the first day of the following month.

Brownie Points

Each day that the entire class remains on green, 2 scoops of brownie mix will be placed in a jar.  Each day that the entire class remains on green or yellow, 1 scoop of brownie mix will be placed in a jar.  When the jar is full, the class will be rewarded with fresh baked brownies! Yum, yum!


Of course there will be consequences for not following the Pirate Laws.


Yellow Card    Warning

Blue Card         Lose 10 minutes of recess (walk the track)

Purple Card      Lose 20 minutes of recess (walk the track)

Red Card         1st offense Lose all recess (stand)

                         2nd offense Phone call home

                         3rd offense Parent conference

                         4th offense or extreme misbehavior (fighting, threatening, endangering)

                         Office referral


The captain will make notation of your card color daily in a behavior log. Your parents will be notified of the rule(s) broken and your card color in your Assignment Book daily.


Parents, the Assignment Book will be our form of daily communication so please check it nightly and initial that you have read it.