Mrs. Millman's Gym Class

Welcome to Mrs. Millman's Physical Education Class!  Students in grade Kindergarten will have Physical Education Class 2x's per  week.  Grades First and Second will have Gym 3x's per week.  Students are required to wear rubber-soled shoes or sneakers on their scheduled days.  Students in grades 1&2  will be graded on learning skills and good sportsmanship.* Participation is required unless student has a note from parent or doctor.

   Students will be taught locomotor skills: galloping, jumping, skipping, hopping, in a variety of lead up games.

  Nonlocomotor skills including throwing, catching, balancing & strength exercises will also be taught through a variety of games and warm-ups.

  All students will also engage in aerobic dance, ribbon dancing, step  aerobics, tumbling and gymnastics.


  Mt. Way gym classes will enjoy using equipment such as balls, beanbags, scooters, parachute,balance boards