MrS. MoRaN's 6th GrAdE LaNgUaGe ArTs ClASs

Hello. Welcome to my website and to Mater Academy Charter Middle/High School. My name is Mrs. Angela Moran. My maiden name is Minervino.  I graduated from Florida State University and received my bachelors in family and child sciences. I also received my professional teaching certificate in middle grades english 5-9. I am currently in graduate school at the University of West Alabama and receiving my masters of education in school counseling. I will be your child's 6th grade Language Arts teacher. This class deals mostly with writing and grammar which is great because I love writing, and hopefully your child will too by the end of the year. Writing allows the students to express themselves in ways they could never imagine. I am looking forward to this year's students. We have a great Language Arts program called Springboard. I have developed a website to make it easier on both my students and their parents. Here you can find announcements, school schedules, sporting events, homelearning assignments, and more.
 I am looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you. You all are going to make a lot of new friends and grow as individuals. Sixth grade is the grade and age where you must be responsible for your own work. Mater Academy is a very good, but challenging school. We have a wonderful administration, faculty, and staff. You will be very happy and have a successful school year as long as you complete your assignments, behave in class, study and work as a team.  With your help and support, it is going to be a great school year!! 

To contact me personally, you can email me at: aminervino@dadeschools.net



 Any downloads to print can be  located at the Mater Website when you search me as the teacher under the "Personnel" tab.

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