Upcoming Events/Announcements



FCAT READING- Monday-70 minutes; Tuesday-70 minutes; Wednesday- two 70 minute sessions.

Eat Right, Live Right, Sleep Right! Good Luck! Make sure to eat healthy food like whole wheat pasta, rice, and breads, brain food like fish, peanuts (almonds), water, fruit. vegetables, and multivitamins. Go to sleep early Saturday and Sunday night because your body needs 48 hours to feel rested...Study any last material that you need to go over. If you have prepared, you will do great! RELAX!

Bring 2 #2 pencils, bagged snack, sweater, and book to read. Also bring bookbag with your 6th or 7th period things.


Please attend Mrs. Coats' Show on Friday March 11th at 7 pm. 

At 52 sessions of Reading Plus I will be counting it as a test grade! 


5th and 6th period ONLY- If you have 28 sessions completed by Feb. 17th, you will receive a choice of 3 HW A's, 10 points added to test or quiz, party with cupcakes, extra credit, 1 extra free bathroom.

Valentine's day Middle School Dance February 11th.  


Valentine's Day Middle School Dance Feb. 11th ... from 3-6pm

Beauty and the Beast Play $5. It will be on Thursday and Friday (Jan. 27 and 28).

Scholastic Book Orders due Jan 25 and 26.

the goal for the January RP breakfast will be 45 sessions, 80 % or more, by January 7th. No later than that!

Book Fair- DECEMBER 9th- 16th (7 am- 3:30 pm)

As the holiday season approaches, its time again to give thanks for what we have and share what we can with others.   This year Hands in Action is again Adopting 3 families in need through the Neighbours4Neighbors program as well as numerous families within Mater Academy who have been identified as "IN NEED". 
We are collecting:
1) Food - canned, boxed, dried and other non-perishable food will be collected for our adopted families, families in need within our own school community and any excess food will be sent to the food bank.
2) Toiletry items - soap, detergent, shampoo, toothpaste, cleaners, tissue, hand sanitizer and other household items will be collected for our adopted families, families in need within our own school community.
All items collected by December 13th or sooner...


Holiday Variety Show- December 15th at 7:30 (for questions go to room 142)

The Nightmare Before Christmas Band show- tickets are $5 and it's at 7pm on December 8th.


November 3rd, 2010-More announcements:

Reading Plus: The goal for the November RP breakfast will be 30 sessions, 80 % or more, by Nov 18th, no later than that, because Ms. Marrero has to make arrangements for a special breakfast! The theme is Thanksgiving so it will be good food.

Winter Variety Show
Along with the activities going on in the month of December, we are holding our Holiday Variety show.  This year we would like for the entire student body/clubs & different classes (ex: class of 2012) to be offered the opportunity to perform in it. 
Here is some information and important dates we would appreciate you sharing with your students.  I will also be creating a morning announcement as well as a poster with this same information to post in your classrooms. 
November 17th - 3 to 6pm in the Auditorium
                            Auditions to make it into the show
                            30 seconds to 1 minute of the performance you are auditioning
                            Theme: preferably HOLIDAY ..... if not, then "The Art of Giving"
                                     (For ex:  New Years, Christmas, Hanukah, Love, Family, Angels, Snow, etc.)
                             Please be able to explain the theme of your piece. 
December 1st -   3 to 5pm in the Auditorium
                           If your piece makes it into the show, this will be a follow up/check point to make sure you are
                           on track for the show date. 
December 13th - Tech Rehearsal - 3pm to 7pm
December 14th - FULL Dress Rehearsal - 3pm to 7pm
December 15th - Night Show - 7pm
                            Tickets will be sold for this event
December 16th/17th - Day Show (during school hours)
                           *** Students will be required to bring a donation item as a ticket to get into the  
                                Ariela will be posting the allowed donation items when the event gets closer. 
**Girls Basketball tryouts Friday November 7th in the gym after school
**Soccer schedule is now up on the mater middle high website under "sports schedules" in my page.

Hey students, my friend's cousin is in this contest representing Miami.

Sheehan's been nominated for the Lebron James Poetry Contest. Have everyone go to the Miami Herald Site: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/10/24/1889680/lebron-james-poetry-contest-finalists.html
and vote for him. Voting ends tonight (October 25) by midnight.


October 28th- early release...

***I just received an e-mail from Ms. Marrero (who’s in charge of Reading Plus)…the criteria for the RP breakfast is as follows…By Monday you had to of completed 18 sessions with an average of 80% or higher. Those of you that have 10-11 sessions right now completed can do it. It just means that you have to do 2 sessions today, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday do 1 and you made it… 
Middle School tutoring Begins  October 18th
Monday and Wednesday:  Math --- 2:45 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.
Tuesday and Thursday: Reading ---  2:45 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.

HOMECOMING WEEK OCTOBER 11-16: The Mater website has the Do's and Don'ts.

Monday- Green and Gold day

Tuesday- Tie Dye day

Wednesday- College colors day                        OCTOBER 29th- HALLOWEEN DANCE $5

Thursday- IMATER shirt day

Friday- What's your color? Day


*Mater night at Chili October 28th  3-9 pm

*On Wednesday October 13th..it is a B day. It is testing day for the whole school except 6th graders. You will be going to your assigned location. You will report to homeroom but then bring all your stuff to the room you were assigned. I posted the list on the matermiddlehigh website so you can see what room number you go to. It's under the tab "random stuff".I also have the list printed out in my classroom. If you don't know where to go, stop by my classroom and write it down.


***Anyone who missed detention on Monday September 27th or who left early must go on THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 30th.... Spread the word! You will receive another detention if you do not serve the actual detention. Make sure you sign the attendance sheet so that I know you were there.

Middle school baseball tryouts will be held on Wednesday Oct. 6th at a park. When I have that information I will post it. 

Scholastic Book Orders Due By Oct. 1 (Remember Checks only) Write your name ,teacher and period on the order. Make check out to Scholastic Book Clubs and write the student's name and Id# on the check.

The following 5 students still need to turn in their signed syllabus:

2nd period- Kenneth Morales

4th period- Leonardo Cabrera

5th period- Emily Rivera 

6th period- Nelson Figueroa and Ashley T

Week of September 13th, 2010

**Bible club meeting tomorrow after school

**Progress reports go home September 24th

**Early release on Sept. 23rd

**Sept. 17th Middle school Homecoming dance. Buy your tickets for $5. 

**There will be a spelling bee test in a few weeks. Study the words on my matermiddlehigh page under the "vocabulary section". The words are in a PDF file. Download the file and print the page of words to study.

**baseball meeting at 2: 45 today (Thursday)

**Debate team meeting during lunch

Week of September 6th, 2010 

GIRLS BASKETBALL MEETING AFTER SCHOOL IN THE AUDITORIUM ON TUESDAY (Sept 7th). This is an informational meeting if you are interested in playing Girls basketball for middle school or high school. I love basketball and my dad is the coach...so JOIN if you enjoy the game.

**GIRLS BASKETBALL FOR GRADES 6-12---there will be another meeting on WEDNESDAY in room 214 after school. Please if you have experience in basketball and enjoy playing, go to the meeting.

The Middle school dance is on September 17th from 3:30-6 pm. Tickets are $5.


**There will be a spelling bee test in a few weeks. Study the words on my matermiddlehigh page under the "vocabulary section". The words are in a PDF file. Download the file and print the page of words to study.

Week of August 30, 2010

**Cheerleading informational meeting will be held Monday (8/30) after school in cafeteria

**Cheerleading tryouts will be held Tuesday and Wednesday (8/31-9/1) 

**Physical will be given here at MATER at 5pm TODAY in the auditorium. If you plan on being in any sport or trying out for any sport this year, you must have your physical!!

**If you are interested in the Art Honor Society visit room 143 for information

**If you are interested in National Junior Honor Society go to room 112 for the application. You must have at least a 3.0 GPA to apply.

**AUDITIONS for West Side Story will be on Monday Sept 6th or Wednesday Sept. 8th in the auditorium at 3 pm. Go prepared to sing and maybe dance.

**If you want to be part of the Middle School Thespian Society there will be a meeting Thursday after school. Please for questions visit Ms. A in room 65, Thespian means "drama"

**If you would like to be part of the Math Honor Society, visit room 113 for questions before Friday

Week of August 23, 2010

**Volleyball tryouts will be on Friday 8/27 in the gym. See Ms. Davila for any questions. You must have had your physical before trying out. Bring the physical with you to tryouts.

**Football schedule is up on the mater middle high website. Go support your team!

**Swim team- meet in room 223 or 221 on August 25 (Wednesday) at 2:30 pm for an informational meeting

**Soccer meeting in the cafeteria after school August 26th (thursday) at 2:40 am.

**Picture day Thursday and Friday during your Geography class

**Dance and acting auditions in the Auditorium on Sept. 8th at 3 pm (for Question visit Ms. Coats in room 213

**Remember to try out for any sport you must have your Physical form filled out by your doctor.

**Remember to be a part of any club or sport must have the school insurance.

**Diamond girl meeting next Tuesday room 83

**If you are interested in Marching Band see Ms Zulueta in the band room in the pavilion

**If you are interested in the Art Honor society, meet on Monday in room 143 during lunch..

**Cheerleading tryouts will be held Tuesday (8/31) and Wednesday (9/1). There will be a meeting monday (8/30) after school in the cafeteria.