Supply List

Here is a list of items you will need throughout the 2010-2011 school year for my class :
 College ruled lined white Paper (500 sheets)
1 inch black binder to put your paper in 
5 Dividers for the black binder
Pencil/pen case (may apply to other classes)
4 red pens
3 blue pens (may have eraser)
3 black pens (may have eraser)
10 #2 pencils
Dry erase markers
 White Out 
hi-lighters (yellow, orange, green, pink, blue) 
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils 
Stack of Construction Paper
composition notebook  (label it "Journal" and write your name)
handwriting notebook for cursive writing (found at Dollar Stores)
Red folder (label it "Springboard Portfolio" and write your name) 
Blue Folder (label it "Research Paper" and write your name) 
Pocket sized Thesaurus
stapler (keep at home)
500  index cards ruled 3 x 5
pop-up mini sticky notes 
Sheet protectors
Agenda to write down all homelearning assignments  

 ***All students must have access to a computer and printer at all times during the school year! We will be asking the students to print out many things and not having a printer will not be accepted as a valid excuse.

For my class...on a daily will need:
the composition notebook
One inch black binder with a lot of paper
blue and red folder
pocket sized thesaurus
red/blue/black pens
pop-up mini sticky notes