Reading Plus

ON a regular basis.....READING PLUS DUE EVERY THURSDAY! 2 Sessions per week. If you do 3 sessions per week and score over 80%, then you get to go to the Reading Plus breakfast once a month.

Click here to go to Reading Plus:     Reading Plus

Directions for logging on:

There are 2 ways to log in...

1. Go to YOUR student Portal and log in

2. Click on reading plus



2. Student Login

3. Site code: materhigh

4. Select class: Minervino Period ?

5. Select your name

6. Password: Your ID #


**YOU MUST HAVE JAVA for Reading Plus to work on your computers at home....

As promised here are the details about reading plus:


A- 1st grade

B-2nd grade

C-3rd grade

D-4th grade

E-5th grade

F-6th grade

G-7th grade

etc, etc

Question and Answer:

Will I lose my work if I have to go and press quit? It depends

  If you are in "green" then you CAN press quit and it will save your work

  If you are in "blue" then you CANNOT press quit because your work will not be saved

How do I level up?

    You level up by receiving a score of 70% or better on your sessions and increasing your Guided Reading Rate

How do I know when I have completed a session?

    When it takes you back to the "my progress" screen

How do I know when I have completed a lesson?

     When it takes you to the screen to pick another story

What is "My Progress"?

      As students progress through their sessions, their progress is tracked and made available through the "My Progress" tab. A progress graph shows the students their independent and guided reading rates charted against grade-level norm data. The red zones indicate rates that are below norm, yellow is at norm, and green is above norm. Each student's level progress is also displayed on this graph along with the level awards the student has earned. All detailed student records can be accessed by clicking the program names within the table at the bottom of the display.

How does Mrs. Moran grade?

    I will grade the average percentage for the sessions you complete weekly

    70%-100%= A

     65%-69%= B

     60%-64%= C

     50-59% = D

      49% and down= F