About M.E

Hello year 6 and Mrs Brown,E


Marianna Efthivoulou (Miss E) here, your pre-service teacher for 2009!


I am exremely excited to be in your class from the 5th till the 30th of October 2009. I am thouroughly looking forward to spending the month in your class observing Mrs Brown but also completing some lessons with you all. It will be great to work with all the resources available at your school especially all the technology but also the way in which you all learn.

You follow an inquiry based structure to learning at John Paul College, with inquiry topics and questions. Throughout my stay at JPC I will be assisting in the classroom, preparing lessons, teaching lessons and introducing lessons based on philosophy questions. Philosophical questions are similar to inquiry questions BUT they are 'BIG' life questions.

So, to get our philosophical minds thinking, answer this question...

What do you value in life?

5 random facts about me...

  • I am currently in my third year of completeting my Bachelor of Primary Education at QUT (Queensland University of Technology).
  • Favourite sport to watch- soccer, favourite sport to play- volleyball/touch football
  • Teach Greek dancing
  • I have a puppy called Meeko and a fish called Apollo
  • Favourite city in the world- St Pauls in Italy