Student Stars of the Week

Each week there will be a star of the week.  During this week the student will be line leader, paper passer, and paper collector.  Also, on the Monday of each students start week, the student is asked to make a poster to present to the class*.  On Wednesday I ask that the student brings in ONE item that is special to him/her.  They will share their item with the class during snack time and tell us why it is special to them. On the Friday of that week, the student will get first pick of (if he/she has earned it) and be in charge of the treasure box. This has to deal with our behavior and homework plan which will be talked about later.  The student will know a week in advance when it is his/her turn to be star of the week.  Also each student’s week for the whole month is on this page.  I will be updating it the second to last week of the month to give you enough time to plan.  Also a note will go home with your student a week before he or she is star of the week.  I will be going the first week.  Thank you for your cooperation with this and I am excited to see each child SHINE!!

*On the students poster I ask you to put the following:

 favorite food - favorite color - favorite book - favorite activity and a picture of the student doing that activity – what makes them special – and what they want to be when they grow up.  Any free space can be filled up by pictures or images of things they like clipped out of a magazine.