Class List and Birthdays

The students may bring in treats for the whole class on their birthday.  There are 18 students so please make sure there are enough treats for everyone.  We do not want anyone to feel left out.  If your students birthday does not fall on a day that we have school, we can talk about setting up a day that they can bring in their birthday treats.

Tommy Abott – March 23rd

Zach Adler – June 2nd

Elizabeth Brown – March 5th

Amy Buds – April 27th

Josh Dawson – April 17th

Kara Dow – July 10th

Laura Dow – July 10th

Devin Groth – November 3rd

Jamie Higgins – August 30th

James Marks – October 17th

Lauren Matthews – July 19th

Ryan Nolan – December 15th

Isabella Reinard – January 14th

Tim Robins – March 8th

Robert Simms – May 12th

Jennifer Stein – June 15th

Nick Tribble – August 23rd

John Williams – September 13th


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