Classroom Rules

White       Hispanic        Black         Asian

45.04%     23.77%       37.90%      0.44%

Islander     Native      Other

 .04%           .45%        13.46%

Social Realities: These are the demographics for our school distric 161.  As you can see we have a very diverse group of students which is very good for our school.  This allows our students to learn about different cultures that they might not otherwise be exposed to.  I expect my students to treat every one with respect no matter how different from them they are.  This goes along with our classroom rule!

There is only one rule: RESPECT

R – Raise hand to speak

E –Everyone keep hands, feet, and objects to ourselves

S – Silently work at Seat

P – Patient and Polite

E – Expect the best from yourself

C – Clean ourselves and our Classroom.

T – Treat each other as you would want to be Treated