Students will be using the Everyday Math Program.

Multiplication Fact Practice is KEY this year! We will utilize flash card drills, timed drills, and additonal methods to develop fast recall of math facts.

Our units of study in math will include:

Unit 1: Introduction/Review
Money, time, problem solving. This will also include a special mini-unit on Borrowing and Carrying as this skill is crucial to further development for our third graders

Unit 2: Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers

Unit 3: Linear Measurements and Area

Unit 4: Multiplication and Division

Unit 5: Place Value in Whole Numbers and Decimals

Unit 6: Geometry

Unit 7: Multiplication and Division (we will delve deeper into these concepts)

Unit 8: Fractions

Unit 9: Multiplication and Division (including multiple-digit numbers)

Unit 10: Measurement and Data

Unit 11: Probability

Our Instructional Time

During our math instructional time, students will engage in three different activities.

1. Students will meet with the teacher for direct instruction

2. Students will work independently on the desired skills

3. Students will use review games and specialized activities to reinforce their math learning

As part of our math instruction, students will take a pre-test before each unit so that instruction can be tailored to best meet each student's individual learning needs.