Reading and Writing Workshop

During this school year, students will be encouraged to READ, READ, READ! Our reading instruction will be centered around a reading workshop approach, which includes: a teacher-led mini-lesson, independent student reading time, and a sharing time to reinforce our learning for the day.

How It Works

Reading Workshop is designed to foster a deeper understanding of onself as a reader. The students will be spending most of their time actually reading, which research supports as the number one way to improve reading.  I anticipate the motivation and enjoyment of reading will skyrocket when this gift of choosing their own books is accompanied by extended practice and specific reading instruction for each individual child. 

One thing you’ll notice that may be a change for you is a direct decrease in the number of worksheets your child brings home.  While worksheets keep students busy, they don’t really result in the high level of learning I want for your child.  Instead, your child will be taught to select “Good Fit Books” or books they can read, understand and are interested in, which they will read during Reading Workshop.  


Reading workshop always begins with a teacher directed mini-lesson designed to focus the students on specific reading skills and help them build a 'toolbox' of reading strategies that they can use in their independent reading. 

 Independent Reading

Students will read chosen books independently for an extended period of time. During this time, I will be:

  • Confering one on one with students about their reading and teaching them a specific strategy or skill that they can apply to their own learning. 
  • Meeting with small groups -I will meet with small groups of students who are reading on similiar levels or who are working on similiar reading strategies to further their learning.

Share Time

At the end of our reading time, students will have a few minutes to share their work from the day, learn something more about the skills we covered in class, or meet to discuss their stories with a partner.