Writer's Workshop

Throughtout the week the students will engage in a hands-on approach to writing called Writing Workshop. During this time students will be involved in a teacher directed mini-lesson, independent writing time, and a share time. Students will be encouraged to author full writing pieces at least once per unit of study.

The first 10-15 minutes there will be a mini-lesson, or direct teacher instruction. The focus will be learning about techniques and strategies that good writers use.

After the mini-lesson students will have independent writing time where the students are allowed to choose the topic for their writing. By giving the students choices in their writing, it makes the writing more meaningful and engaging. While the students are writing the teacher will be meeting with individuals or small groups to conference with them about their writing and to encourage their growth as writers.

 At the end of the workshop, about 10-15 minutes will be spent giving the students an opportunity to share their writing with the class or a writing partner.

Students will learn to write, revise, edit, and publish stories throughout the school year.



We will be using the Handwriting Without Tears program to learn cursive writing this year.

We will begin our cursive studies as soon as our books arrive. We do not normally receive grades in Handwriting until after we have learned enough of the letters to use our cursive skills for writing purposes.