Spelling Vocabulary

Spelling/Word Study/Vocabulary

Spelling/Word Study

This year our spelling skills will focus on word study of key spelling patterns and high-frequency words for third graders.

Each week, students will be given a set of words related to a particular phonics skill that we are learning. Words will be given out on Friday and students will have weekly homework to be completed using our Spelling Menu of Choices. 

Students will engage in word sorts, word hunts, and simple word study games in class, while also completing assigned homework activities to reinforce the word study skill.

Students will also be given 5 high frequency words to study each week. These words will be chosen based on the words that children often misspell and words that our students misspell in their work. 

On our weekly final test, the students will be assessed on their studied words and the high-frequency words. Throughout the year, our spelling menu and activities may change based on the ever-growing needs of our the students.

The spelling tests will incorporate our weekly spelling grade as well as our phonics grade. Students will also be graded on their homework and their in-class activities as well.


Students will study various vocabulary words and features throughout this school year. Our vocabulary instruction will take a few forms and will change throughout the year.

Initially vocabulary will consist of assigned vocabulary words designed to boost third grade reading. These words will be provided to the students with definitions. Students will engage in various activities in-class as well as for homework to learn and study these words.

Students will then be assessed on the studied vocabulary words in a test format.

Later in the year we will study word features including prefixes, suffixes, root words, synonyms, antonyms, and words in context as part of our vocabulary instruction.