Content Subjects

Social Studies/Science/Religion


Weather, Weather Instruments, and the Water Cycle
Human Body (Skeletal and Muscular Systems)
Magnetism & Electricity
Color, Light and the Human Eye (as time permits)

Social Studies

Our social studies curriculum will be based around various topical units. Some topics will will/may cover this year include:

Map Skills
Pioneers-Oregon Trail
Medieval Times
Current Events

Other topics will be added as we learn about them this year.


We will cover various topics of study in religion this year.

Our big unit will take place early in the year and will revolve around the Saints. The students will choose a saint to research and portray. Then, during our All Saints' Liturgy the students will portray their chosen saint in costume.

 This year we will also engage in special Confirmation preparation activities.

Other topics we will/may examine this year include:

The Mass
The Liturgical Calendar
Weekly Gospel stories using the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies