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Class of Fifth A                                                                                               Class of Fifth B

March 24th  Alejandro Hernandez                January 12th Diego Castilla and Juan Fernandez

April 4th Pablo Varela                                                                     January 21st Gabriela Paredes

April 20th Elizabeth Villaseñor                                                   January 7th Isaiah Siu-Arana

May 7th Alejandro Avila                                                                February 19th Sofia Vazquez

June 6th Ana Rodriguez                                                                 February 11th Ana Paula Torres

November 6th Jorge Azcarraga                                                          March 14th Mateo McNally

July 15th Adrian Gonzalez                                                            April 6th Jake Chien

July 18th Rodrigo de la Cruz                                                           April 28th Hector Escobedo

July 26th Louise Ann Capili                                                             August 30th Evan Kennedy

July 31st Gustavo Lara                                                                       September 9th Jose Antonio

August 14th Sofia Fernandez                                                          June 22nd Jorge Polanco

October 28th Ana Maria Garces                                                     November 23rd Vanessa Alpuing

November 20th Vivian Martinez                                                   December 11th Santiago Quiroz

                                                                                                                       December 23rd Maria Sofia Llanes

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