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Journal Entries

Journal Entries


In class, we will hold many discussions and debates.  However, some of us are not always comfortable with expressing our ideas out loud. Also, many current events and topics cannot be addressed during class discussions because they are not always content related.  Therefore, each Friday, you will be asked to complete a journal entry on a given topic, usually based on a current event.  It is my wish that you clearly express your opinion on the subject given by articulating your opinion based on facts in writing.


Benefits of journaling

  • Sort out experiences, solve problems and consider varying perspectives.
  • Examine relationships with others and the world.
  • Reflect on personal values, goals, and ideals.
  • Summarize ideas, experience and opinions before and after instruction.
  • Witness your academic and personal growth by reading past entries

GRADING:  All journal entries will be graded on the following rubric: 



4 3 2 1
Ideas Ideas were expressed in a clear and organized fashion. It was easy to figure out what the journal entry was about. Ideas were expressed in a pretty clear manner, but the organization could have been better. Ideas were somewhat organized, but were not very clear. It took more than one reading to figure out what the entry was about. The letter seemed to be a collection of unrelated sentences. It was very difficult to figure out what the entry was about.
Content Accuracy The entry contains at least 3 accurate facts about the topic. The entry contains 2 accurate facts about the topic. The entry contains 1 accurate facts about the topic. The entry contains no accurate facts about the topic.
Sentences & Paragraphs Sentences and paragraphs are complete, well-constructed and of varied structure. All sentences are complete and well-constructed (no fragments, no run-ons). Paragraphing is generally done well. Most sentences are complete and well-constructed. Paragraphing needs some work. Many sentence fragments or run-on sentences OR paragraphing needs lots of work.
Length The entry is 12 or more sentences. The entry is 10-8 sentences. The entry is 5-7 sentences. The entry is less than 5 sentences.





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