Homework/ Test Schedule


Your child will need to purchase a school agenda the price is... We will fill the agendas out daily, this will be a good way for you to see what we did in class that day and also a good opportunity to talk to your child about the day. This is also the place I want at home reading recorded.  Your child's nightly homework should be written in their planner and highlighted, that homework will not be posted on this website. Parents are responsible for signing planner nightly. Your signature indicates you have seen your child's completed homework and they have read their 20 minutes of at home reading. Thanks for your partnership! 

The daily at home reading expectation is to read at least 20 minutes every night to equal 100 minutes by the end of the week; so if for some reason they are only able to read 10 minutes one night the next night read 30 minutes to make up the 10 you didn't get the night before. I understand everyone is incredibily busy, but reading daily is something I feel very strongly about, so I would really appreciate your support! 

In addition to reading 20 minutes at night we will have other scheduled homework. The reason I assign homework is so they can practice a skill we are working on in class, this homework will not be long. I believe learning isn't something that stops when the school bell rings, we are learning new things all the time and this is a way for continuing the school learning process at home. If there are any assignments that we did in class and your child was not able to complete it that will also turn into homework.  

Turning in homework on time teaches responsibility and punctuality. I will expect homework back the next day, I will not accept homework turned in after that Friday morning.   I say that because I do not want the students to get behind in class and those homework grades will go in the PIV grade book. I keep their grades up to date so you are able to check your child's grade at any point and see their current average, if they do not turn in homework their average will not be accurate. 


Homework Schedule: 

Monday: 20 min. AHR, Study Spelling Words 

Tuesday: Math Homework, Study Spelling Words, 20 min. AHR

Wednesday: Read the story from our Reading Street book (this can count as their 20 minutes or longer of nightly reading), Study Spelling Words

Thursday: Study for Daily Geography test and Math4Today test, 20 min. AHR

Friday: 20 min. AHR

** AHR= At Home Reading

***If you want to practice more skills at home with your child, you can always work on memorizing addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts 0-12.  If they have those facts memorized, math will be so much easier for them. It is required that they have them memorized by the end of 3rd grade. 



Testing Schedule:

We will have Everyday Math tests throughout the year in addition to our weekly tests. They will be given when we finish a unit so I will not know what day of the week those will fall on, but you will know it is coming up when the time comes. 

Thursday: Spelling test, Reading Street comprehension test

Friday: Math4Today test, Daily Geography test