Student Sites

Charles Haskell Book Catalog:;jsessionid=F486E728E7FB15138C312CD31C2E9384?l2m=Home&tm=Home&l2m=Home


AR Seach Page: You can look up any book and see how many points/ level/ avaibility of book. You can also type in your reading range and see what books come up in your range, or narrow it down as much as you want.


Spelling activities:


Everyday Math: The login information will be located in your agenda


National Geographic Kids:


World Book Encyclopedia:!&gr=Welcome+Tennessee+Electronic+Library%21  For students  For everyone 


Kids Konnect: Lots of activities and information on just about everything!


Math Practice:   Listed by just 3rd grade skills  Listed by topic, then grade level (easier to find a specific activity)


Discovery Education:


Fun Brain: