Miss Bonds 5th Grade Class

Welcome to 5th Grade!

Hi everyone!!  I am so excited to have all of your students in my class. I can already tell what a great year it is going to be with this group of students!

I know the end of last year was very crazy; but, the other teachers on the 5th-grade team and I are doing everything we can to learn from last year and create the best possible learning environment for your student!  In the first couple of weeks, you can expect to see your students working with a lot of different websites and online learning platforms!  The goal here is to get the students comfortable with a large variety of these learning platforms so we can keep remote learning both engaging and educational!


If you have any questions please feel free to email me!  I will do my best to answer all emails sent during school hours before I leave the building that day.  Emails sent after 3:00 PM will be responded to as soon as possible but may not be responded to until the next day

Google Classroom Information

All of your student's online assignments are located in their google classrooms!  Morning attendance and "Calendar Journal" prompts will be assigned under the "Miss Bond's Morning Meeting" classroom.  Assignments involved with the 7 habits will be posted in the "Miss Bond's Leader in Me" classroom.  Any assignment for reading or math will be found under that named classroom! There is a link under "Helpful Links" to help you better understand how a google classroom works!

I have invited each of you to my google!  If something went wrong and you cant view your student's work, PLEASE let me know! :)


Classroom Calendar Links

Miss Bond's Morning Meeting Calendar

Miss Bond's Leader in Me Classroom Calendar

Miss Bond's Reading Classroom Calendar

Miss Bond's Math Classroom Calendar


Google Classroom Codes

Miss Bond's Morning Meeting:     ehhqak3

Miss Bond's Leader in Me:            dsvcmxp

Miss Bond's Reading:                     qpwa772

Miss Bond's Math:                          5cq6yue

Library Requests

How To Request Library Books

Monroe Center Elementary School Library


iReady is a learning platform we use in our classroom for math.  First, the students take a diagnostic test.  Once they have done this iReady creates a personalized path for each student.  Typically the personalized path is what the students will be working on when they are asked to go to iReady.  Occasionally, I will assign a specific assignment to the students and this will show up under "teacher work" rather than on their personalized path.

To access iReady students should ALWAYS go to Clever and click on the iReady icon.  Then, if prompted to do so, they will log in with their google accounts.

Spelling City

Spelling city is the learning platform we will be using for spelling and vocab pre-tests, practices, and post-test.  The students will be assigned a new spelling and vocab list each week on Mondays and will test on the following Monday.  Students will be given a full week to practice their spelling and vocab words.  With the use of the spelling city interactive assignments, this should allow students ample time and practice with their words each week.


Spelling and Vocabulary Tests will be on Tuesdays each week.

New Spelling and Vocab words will be introduced on Wednesdays each week.


eSpark is a learning platform we will use for reading.  Similar to iReady, the students take a placement quiz to start and then are given personalized quests to complete. When I ask the students to work on eSpark, I will only ask them to complete 1-2 quests, depending on time.

To access eSpark students should ALWAYS go to Clever and click on the eSpark icon.  Then if prompted to do so, they will log in with their google accounts.

Helpful Links!


Google Classroom Calendars

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Classroom Email Summaries

How To Request Library Books