Junior Syllabus

Junior English – American Literature

Ms. Bryant                             Room 1131                      Email: bryant.whitney@unionps.org                Phone: 357-7188

Course Objective:  In this class, we will practice and perfect our reading and writing skills while exploring American Literature. We will read novels, short stories, poetry, and other literature from various periods in America’s history. You will also learn various strategies that will make you a better reader and writer. During the year, you can expect to write both long essays and short writing assignments. You will have some type of writing assignment each week. We will use both group and individual activities to become active learners in the classroom. By the end of the year, all of you will be better readers, writers, thinkers, and learners.

Grading:  I DO NOT want you to fail. In this class, your grade will be determined on a weighted system. This means that different categories, such as tests, will affect your grade more than a daily homework assignment.

Here is the breakdown of your grade:Writing = 35%    

                                                        Tests/Quizzes = 30%                                                                                       

                                                       HW/Daily Grade = 25%  

                                                       Semester Final = 10%

If you have any questions about your grade throughout the semester please feel free to talk to me about it during an appropriate time.

“The Daily 10”:  The “Daily 10” is a daily grade that is given for completing each day’s bell work and for being active participants during the day’s lesson. These are easy points that can really help your grade.  The “Daily 10” grade will be totaled and entered as a weekly grade.

English Rescue (ER):  You will be allowed to make up any test or assignment within two weeks or ten school days of the original due date for full credit.  For any homework assignment to be turned in late or redone through ER, you must attend a thirty minute ER session.  For any test or writing assignment to be turned in late or redone through ER, you must complete one hour of ER either as one one hour session or as two thirty minute sessions.

Materials:  You will be required to keep a specific folder for my class that will be used to keep bell work and vocabulary in chronological order as well as any other assignment I may ask you to keep up with.  This folder will be turned in at the end of each week as part of your Daily 10 grade, as it will have your bell work in it.  You will also be expected to come to class prepared every day with your folder, a writing utensil and paper.  It is suggested, but not required, for each student to have a flash drive to save work on that will go back and forth between computers.

Classroom Rules/Expectations:  You will be expected to follow the rules exactly as they are stated in the student handbook.  The only additional expectation I have of every student in my class is to show myself as well as every other student in class respect and understanding.  Every person in the classroom will be different in one way or another and my goal is for us to embrace each other’s differences and learn from these differences to create a comfortable learning environment.  I expect each of you to come to class every day prepared to be a productive and contributing member of class.