Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule


 8:40-8:50Morning Packet/Morning MeetingMorning Packet/Morning MeetingMorning Packet/Morning MeetingMorning Packet/Morning MeetingMorning Packet/Morning Meeting
10:20-10:45 Snack/StorySnack/StorySnack/StorySnack/StorySnack/Story
12:50-1:30Social Sciences/ScienceSocial Sciences/ScienceSocial Sciences/ScienceSocial Sciences/ScienceSocial Sciences/Science



















  •  Students will be expected to arrive at school on time every day. If your child will be absent one day it is your responsibility to contact the school office and let them know your child will be absent.
  • Every morning the students will be expected to put away their belongings and take their seat quietly. At the beginning of the week, I will pass out a morning packet that includes all subjects for the students to complete. As the students sit down they should immediately take out their morning packet and begin working on it. After 10 minutes of working on their packets the students will be asked to form a circle on the floor to get ready for morning meeting. This is when the students will say good morning to their fellow classmates. I will then proceed to go over the day’s plans and expectations of the students. This is the time where I will take any questions or comments dealing with the day’s activities.

  • The students are allowed to bring in a healthy and nutritional snack every day for story time. I will pick out a book to read aloud to the class. The students are expected to sit quietly, eat their snack, and listen as I read them a story.

  • Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the students will need to bring in their own pair of gym shoes in order to participate in Gym.

  • Students will be released for dismissal everyday at 3:00 P.M