Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

  • Be Polite: raise your hand, refrain from talking at inappropriate times, stay in your seat.

  • Be Prepared: come to class with necessary materials and completed assignments.

  • Be Respectful: treat others as you would expect to be treated and respect your classmates property and space.

  • Be Considerate: Keep your hands feet and objects to yourself at all times. Consider your classmates feelings at all times.

  • Be Attentive: Pay attention and follow directions.


1) Verbal warning

2) Stay after class

3) Contact parents and detention

4) Automatically sent to the office

*Severe Clause: Absolutely no violent weapons or physical touching  allowed in the classroom. Will be immediately sent to the office if this happens.

Class rules will be verbally stated, listed around the classroom and handed out to the students. Students will be aware of the different consequences for each rule that will be broken. If the student follows the rules they will be rewarded appropriately with gifts, homework passes, and other positive rewards. Our classroom rules are easy to remember and easy to follow. If you are prepared for class, respectufl, and do your best, we will have a successful classroom and school year!