My Homework Policy

I do not want homework to be something that the kiddos drag their feet to complete. Instead, my hope is that they will want to complete the creative, fun, and standards based activities I have inlcuded in their packets. I am giving the students choice with our monthly homework calendar and expect quality work that they will be proud to show me. Students will be responsible for completing the amount noted on each calander (it may vary month to month depending on what we have going on). This will give families with limited time during the week time to complete the homework in a relaxed manner. I do not however, want students to complete all activities the day before it is due which is why I ask that a parent initial the box as the activity is completed (this will be checked on Friday).  I have included challenge activities(*) that are intended for students who wish to go beyond the limits:). In addition, I expect students to study their spelling words, read for at least 20 minutes a night, and complete one journal entry weekly.

Homework will be graded on a check system (plus, check plus, check, check minus, and minus)

plus=above and beyond

check plus=excellent work, appropriate activities are chosen and completed


check minus=many incorrect, lack of effort (sent back to re-do)

minus=incomplete, many incorrect, lack of effort (sent back to re-do)

September Homework Calendar

October Homework Calendar

**Spelling words will be marked wrong if capitals are used when capitals are not needed. Those that passed the pretest will take a dictation test. I will read you a few sentences and you will have to spell your words correctly in a sentence. 

 Spelling Word List

Spelling Pattern: Prefixes



3. something

4. bright       

5. wheel

6. destroy                 

7. clue             

8. caution                

9. she'd

10. kindness

11. laugh

12. disappear


1. neighbor

2. launch

3. gnat