Sight Word Games

"Jenga" - Find an old Jenga game (dollar general sells them for $3).  Write sight words on the sides of the blocks with sharpie.  If your child removes the block and knows the word he/she gets to keep the block.  If he/she doesn't know the word the block goes back on top of the tower.


"Go Fish" - using index cards make 2 or 3 for each word.  Distribute 5 cards to each player.  Play with just the rules as regular "go fish."  This helps students because they have to read what sight word is in their hands in order to know what to ask for.


"Bam" - take 6 index cards or pieces of paper.  write 5 sight words (one per card) and on the sixth card write the word "BAM."  Turn all the cards face down on the table/floor.  Each card a child picks up they have to say that sight word.  If they say it correctly it stays flipped up; however, if they miss it ALL the cards go back face down.  If someone gets BAM all the cards go back face down again.  Be sure to mix the cards when putting them back face down.


"Memory " - have 2 cards for each sight word you wish to practice.  Mix them up and turn them face down on the table.  Take turns turning over 2 cards at a time.  If they are a match the player has to first say what the word is before they can keep the pair. 


"Jump on It!" - copy sight words on index cards (one per card). Make a 2nd set of the same words.  Scatter one set faceup on the floor, leaving about a foot between each word.  Place other set in a stack face down.  Turn over 1st card in the stack.  Have your child read the word and then jump on the matching word on the floor.  Turn over next card, have your child read it, then jump to matching word on the floor.  Continue until student has jumped on every word