Spring Song List

Kindergarten Spring Concert Song List


Spring Song – Written by Kindergarten (to the tune of Farmer in the Dell)


The rain is coming down

The rain is coming down

Spring time is merry-o (same for every verse)

The rain is coming down


2. The lightning flashes bright….

3. The thunder crashes loud…..

4. The sun comes back out….

5. We get to play out side….

6.  We get to swing on the swing….

7. We get to ride the horses….

8. The plants start to grow….

9.  We get to ride our bikes….

10. We get to use a tractor…

11.  Springtime is fun….



Time Song


The hand on the clock turn around all day

And I wondered what they were for

There are numbers one through twelve

But why I could never be sure

Then one day I found that the hands that turn around

One was big while the other was small

And that’s how I learned to tell time

Reading the clock on the wall

The short hand is the hour hand

The long hand is the minute hand

And that’s how I learned to tell time

Reading the clock on the wall.



May (tune: Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay)


Hey, ho what do you say!

It is the month of May.

Have you seen the signs of Spring?

I heard a robin sing.

Let’s make a card today.

For Mom on Mother’s Day.

Hey, ho what do you say!

I like the month of May!



Months (tune: Big Rock Candy Mountain)

1st time months are sung very slow, 2nd time average speed, 3rd time very fast.


The journey has begun of the Earth

Around the Sun.

And the 12 months we’ll be counting,

They’ll go by one by one.

It really is astounding!

January, February, March, April, May,

June, July, and August,

September, October, November, December –

See the year stretch out before us





I’m a little flower, I like fun

I get all my food from the big, big sun.

I can be purple, red, or blue

I would really like to be picked by you