Welcome to Division 5!


This is our brand new class website for Division 5 at Upper Pine- Grade 3! Here you can view some of the things going on in our classroom and find information on important events at our school and in our class.

You can click the linked site navigation buttons at the top of the page in the red bar if you wish to navigate to the other pages of the website.

Please be patient in the next month as I develop the site further to be more functional and debug an issues or missing information. Thank you for your patience and interest!

Class Rules and Expectations

In Division 5, we have two simple class rules that we feel encompass all the other rules that we should be following, and which make us all feel safe and happy every day:

1) Be in the right place.

2) Do the right and the good thing.

Simple enough, right? angel


Of course, we are always trying to make sure we are S.O.A.R.ing as well!




Respectful (and Responsible!)


In Division 5, all students are expected to show up to school ready to learn. This means coming prepared with all materials required, keeping a tidy work space, and taking care of materials and belongings appropriately (theirs, others, and the school's). This means we ask for help if we need it and we are not afraid to take the appropriate risks necessary to experience continued success in all areas of our life!

On that note, all students are expected to fill out and take home planners every day. Parent participation in reading and signing the planners makes a huge difference and ensures important information and forms get to and from between home and school! Thank you for your continued support, families.




Monthly Schedule:


Hope you have fun exploring our page!
- Miss Chartrand heart