Expectations/Rules & Behavior Plans

Miss Clough will hold each student accountable for the standard school expectations/rules listed within the Student Discipline Handbook.


                                               Expectations/Rules:                                              Consequences:

                                              1.  Respect                                                      First offense: Verbal Warning

                                             2. Keep hands/feet to self.                               Second offense:  Time after school and behavior contract

                                             3.  Arrive on time and ready for class.               Third offense:  Time after school, note home, behavior contract

                                             4.  Listen to and follow directions.                     Fourth offense:  Referral to the dean, behavior contract

                                             5.  Have a positive attitude.       

                       Severe Clause:


The Severe Clause  includes immediate severe consequences for physical fights or bringing weapons to class. 

Student who violate the Severe Clause will be removed from the classroom  and receive consequences accordingly.

      *******Disciplinary responses may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  •  Counseling Probation
  • Peer Mediation Temporary removal from class or activity (24 hours or less)
  • Warning Referral to outside agency including Juvenile Court
  • Immediate correction Compensatory or commensurate services equal to the 
  • Request for parent conference infraction such as restoring property
  • Detention before or after school Suspension of bus privileges (for bus misconduct)
  • Denial of privileges Suspension In and Out of School
  • Restriction and/or compensatory 
  • service
  • Expulsion

Behavior Plans

Miss Clough's Behaviors Plans will be used for the whole class as well as for individual students.

 Miss Clough looks to reward the class for collaboritive working.  Here, Miss Clough will use a jar to fill up with marbles when the class is behaving and working well together.  When the marbles fill the jar all the way up, students will be able to agree upon a desired reward.

Miss Clough may set up a behavior contract with an individual student.  The behavior contract is a way for Miss Clough and the individual student to develope an action plan for the student (and teacher) to replace one behacior with another, more appropriate behavior.  This contract is develop with input from both Miss Clough and the student.  Both will sign the contract and set up a future date to reevaluate how the contract is working.    Data will be collected through the usage of FBAs.  Data will be obtained before a Contract is in place as well as afterwards to make sure that the Contract is working.