Upcoming Events

9/8 Back to School Luau Cool

On September 8th, our class along with the other second grade classes will all get together to put on a luau party for our students. Its a kick-     off to start a wonderful year. Students will be bringing home forms with requested items to be sent in for the party. Students are allowed to wear hats, sunglasses, open toe sandals (not flipflops, and provided they bring tennis shoes for athletic activities), and tropical style shirts. We would also ask that parents volunteer to help with making the activities fun and safe for our students. Do keep in mind that you must be an approved volunteer to assist in school activities. Click the link below to get a form for approved volunteers.

Approved Volunteer

9/22 Field Trip to the Aquarium

On September 22nd, our second grade will be taking a field trip to the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. Students will be bringing home forms to have notarized for the field trip. We need approved volunteers to chaparone the field trip. School boxed lunches will be provided unless the student has checked that they will be bringing their own lunch. Adult lunches will also be available for $2.50. The student fee for the aquarium is $8.00 and it is $11.00 for adults. Please, no siblings of our students. We want chaparones to have their full attention on our students. Below is a link to the aquarium for easy browsing.

Florida Aquarium

9/26 Fund Raiser Forms Go Out

Look for fund raiser forms that will be sent out on September 26th. They are our holiday fundraiser that will allow for each grade to have fun activities before our winter break. Students also have a chance at winning cool prizes for selling items. In the fund raiser there are great holiday gift ideas, gift paper, candy and cookie dough buckets that make your holidays filled with excitement.