Miss Cummings 3rd grade


Welcome to our classroom page. I am excited to create this resource for parents to use at home. This page will have all of the resources that we are using in the classroom so that you will be able to use them at home as well. As the year progresses I will update this page with what is happening in our classes. I will also continue to add resources as we have many great things getting ready to happen in our classroom. 



In Reading the students are working hard on phonics and comprehension. There are a few resources that the students can use at home that will help them with these concepts. The links are below:



      *The classroom code for readworks is sum53n. The students will find their name and put in password 1234.



       *The classroom code for epic is swz5606. They all have thier own names under the classroom code. 

        **Epic is free for students while they are at school. If you want to use Epic at home a parent account is necessary. It is $7.99 a month and first month is free. This is a really good resource to help students read at home.



        *The classroom code for freckle reading is p5bezf


*To get to any of the  google docs that students are working on in the classroom  go to google and have them sign in

username:  lastname.firstname@ssdcosmos.org

password:  Spring56


In Math the students are finishing up graphs. They have learned about bar graphs, line plots, pictographs, and how to read them. They will be moving onto mulitplication in Chapter 2 and eventually division. Here are some resources that they can use at home to work on skills. 


       *make sure you fill in the drop down boxes first then click remember your school 

        Login:  lastname.firstname

        password:  Spring56!



       *The classroom code for freckle math is d7syvj



        *The students will be coming home that will have a user id and password. The game will start with an intial assessment and place them based off that assessment. 


The students have been working on paragraph writing in class. We have been focused on the five main points of a paragraph. We have also been asked to become pen pals with a 3rd grade special educatin class in San Diego, California and our first letters to them were sent out last Friday. For our next project we have been asked to write some letters to Marine recurits that are in boot camp and don't get letters from family. The students are excited about this and we will begin this next week.