November Newsletter


Second Grade Newsletter

MATH- Chapters 4 & 5

We are currently completing chapter 4 which focuses on fact families, using addition to check subtraction, problem solving, and missing addends. In the next chapter we will explore place value and patterns to 100. Math Maintenance will be passed out on Mondays. Students will have until Friday to complete the worksheet. We will correct and review all problems in class. Students should be practicing their addition facts at home using flashcards or some of the math links below - Addition/Subtraction Facts up to 20 - Find the Rule - Addition/Subtraction Word Problems Place Value Tens/Ones Place Value- Hundreds/Tens/Ones


We continue to review phonics rules and concentrate on compound words, suffixes, prefixes, and plurals. We also will begin to read stories from the Open Court Series. We will read the stories in class and students will take a comprehension test at the end of the week. Students will also start to look up and define vocabulary words in the glossary.


We continue to expand on students’ previously learned skills regarding sentence structure. In class we have been concentrating on writing complete sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation. We are in the process of adding details to our sentences using adjectives. In class students are practicing brainstorming before many writing activities. They seem to enjoy and work well with this process.


This is a special month for second grade students as they will be participating in the sacrament of Reconciliation. We will be inviting the priests into our classrooms to discuss this important sacrament. Students should continue to review the “Act of Contrition” prayer which is found in students’ homework folders.


The postcard project was a huge success. We reached our goal of receiving a card from each state in the U.S., along with at least one from every continent. Yes, even Antarctica!!Thanks to all for helping us!!!

Science- For the month of November, we will turn our attention to science. Second Grade will be studying balance and motion. This experience will be very “hands on”, and we are sure the children will enjoy all the experiments and activities.