Caldecott Project

Book Review

written by (student’s name)






Describe in a minimum of four sentences why this is a great book.


Would you recommend this book to someone?  Why?  Why not?  (Please be specific)


                                   Book Title




Please use this space to illustrate what you would like the cover of the book to look like if you were the illustrator.  Don’t forget to include the Caldecott Medal!


Dear Parents,


            We have assigned each student a Caldecott book to read.  We would like the children to understand the importance of this award and be exposed to a story that they may have never read before.  We would like the children to write their own review of the book explaining why this book is worthy of receiving the Caldecott award.  Each student is also expected to create a new cover for the book.  We have provided a large piece of white construction paper for all students to use. The book reviews are due on Monday, February 28th and will be on display throughout National Reading Week.  Thank you for your help.



Miss Donnelly, Mrs. Trudell & Mrs. Duchaney