School Supplies

Your child will need to bring the following supplies to school for the 2010-2011 school year:
  • One 24-pack of crayons
  • Colored pencils or markers (no more than a box of 12 markers)
  •  Ruler
  • 3 Glue sticks
  • 48- Number 2 Pencils (Made in America wooden pencils sharpen best)
  • One 2-inch wide binder
  • 1 pencil bag for binder that zips
  • 1 pair of scissors (Fiskars work best)
  • 2 boxes of tissues
  • 1 box of sandwich size Ziploc bags
  • 4 spiral wide-ruled notebooks- 70 page only (red, blue, green, yellow)
  • 10 pocket folders (2-red, 2-green, 2-blue, 2-yellow, 2-purple)
  • 2 dry erase markers
  • Highlighter
  • Pink eraser or eraser caps
 **Please remember that supplies may need replenished during the school year. While the great Back-to-School sales are going on, you may want to purchase a few extra folders, erasers, crayons and/or pencils. These seem to be the items that by mid-year, students are asking to borrow from other students and/or myself.
**It is also a good idea to have a pencil box at home with crayons and pencils for the students to use to complete their homework.
school supplies